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Customer feedback

I enjoy hearing from customers that had a joyful experience while shopping at my store. If you would like to share your experience you can find an email form on the contact page to fill out, or simply email me at

Here are some emails from satisfied customers.


Kate Kruczek-Stukowski

I love your store. Very organized and clean. April 2013


Vicki Reynolds Harris

Your one woman mob today is looking forward to being mother of the year tonight! Can't wait to use that massage cushion! April 2013


Patty Landry

I stopped in to check this store out and I love it. I highly recommend it. I will be back to shop and tell my friends about my great find..... March 2013


Joan Cosentino

Beautiful clothes, great prices, very well organized and clean! Service is top notch! Very impressed!!! So is my 17 year old daughter! Check it out ladies! Febuary 2013


Carol Hunt

I love to shop and also consign here. Great organization and setup in the shop. Not to mention how very nice Gail is. Best consignment shop in the area. Febuary 2013


Maureen Sweeney

This is one of the better consignment stores around the area, truly!! Well stocked, good choices to pick from, well merchandised, prices are fair, nothing bad here!!!


Jessica Dawn Lannon

Found this fabulous red dress at Gail's! Wore it to a wedding this summer, Gail helped me pick it out herself! I received so many compliments on it. Thank you so much Gail, always a pleasure shopping at your place. Sincerely, Jessica



"Love your store, it has a warm feeling and lots of cool finds. Congrats Gail !"


Linda Osienski

Thank you Gail, You may donate! I wish I had thought to call you after the big estate sale so you could have your pickings again for sale...AUGH! hind sight is amazing.. You were such a sweetie to take and sell what you did... great job..We are plodding along doing the rest of the stuff with the estate. Doing so I have blessed to meet so many people like you, patient, kind and helpful not only in their expertise but extending their sincerity to help in what I needed to do next. So I pray for you and all who have acted "as it is in Heaven".Thanks for sharing the "made people smile" story...reading that made me too.


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