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Every customer who comes to my store get's customized service. I love to help someone looking for something that they need and I find that perfect outfit or special piece of jewelry that brings a smile to their face.

How I got started

I have always enjoyed finding a unique piece of clothing, furniture, or jewelry, but hate to pay full price at a retail store. So I took my passion for bargain shopping and decided to open a consignment shop.

When I lost a family member I needed to remove all the items from their home. I soon realized I had no place at home for these items and could not find a good home for them. This is when I decided I could fulfill my dream of opening my own consignment shop and at the same time help the community during these difficult times.

Giving back to the community

All clothing that is not sold after a 90 day period will be donated to local charities and churches in the Oxford, MA area.

We support local artists

I love art, handmade jewelry, and handmade word works like signs and small pieces of furniture. I encourage local artists to come and show off their work in my shop. My hopes are to help local artists get known and sell their work.

"My shop is cozy and inviting. I am sure you will enjoy browsing through this fun and fabulous shop!"

I look forward to seeing you.

- Gail Maloney

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Store Hours

Monday Closed

Tuesday 10am to 6pm

Wednesday 10am to 5pm

Thursday 10am to 5pm

Friday 10am to 6pm

Saturday 10am to 4pm

Sunday Closed

Senior Tuesday 10% off


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